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 The City of Irvine offers more than 100 camps year round!

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Options include: morning, afternoon or all day; M-F, MWF or T/Th; onsite or excursion.

Summer Camps: June 22-August 25

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Summer Camps
June 22-August 25

Please bring a snack and a lunch to camp
i Camp Junior-Heritage (E-Form)
i Camp Junior-Turtle Rock Nature Center (E-Form)
            Nature Center Weekly Themes
Mad Science Preschool Labs
Princess Academy
Skyhawks Mini-Hawk Multi-Sport

Super Soccer Stars

Please bring a snack and a lunch to camp
Camp 101 (E-Form)
Summer Experience at University (E-Form)
        UCP Summer Excursion Schedule
Summer Experience at Woodbury (E-Form)
        WBCP Summer Excursion Schedule

i Camps-Heritage
  iCamp Adventure (E-Form)
  iCamp Craft (E-Form)
  iCamp Science (E-Form)
  iCamp Sports & Games (E-Form)
i Camps-Northwood
  iCamp Craft (E-Form)
  iCamp Science (E-Form)
  iCamp Sports & Games (E-Form)
i Camps-Turtle Rock
iCamp Adventure (E-Form)
  iCamp Craft (E-Form)
  iCamp Science (E-Form)
  iCamp Sports & Games (E-Form)

Aquatics: Splash & Sports (E-Form)
Fit Factory (E-Form)
FYTT Elite Basketball
Junior Aquatics
Kidz Love Soccer
Shaolin Kung Fu Camp of Fun
Skatedogs Skateboarding
Skyhawks Baseball
Skyhawks Basketball
Skyhawks Beginning Golf
Skyhawks Flag Football
Skyhawks Lacrosse
Skyhawks Soccer

Smash & Splash, Tennis & Water (E-Form)
Squids Day Camp
Super Soccer Stars Kick It
TriFytt Basketball
TriFytt Camp of Fun
TriFytt Flag Football
TriFytt Multi Sport
TriFytt Soccer-Shooting & Scoring
TriFytt Tee Ball

With Alex at CCP
With Chris at HCP
With Jimmy at DCP
With Juan at UCP
With Minako at LLCP
With Ross at TRCP
With Ruben at CBBCP
With Tae at HOMENP

All-in-one Dance
All-Star Cheer & Technique
All-Star Cheer & Tumble
Arts Camp Summer! (E-Form)
Children's Musical Theater
Dance the Magic at Disneyland
Dance Workshop at Pacific Dance
Exploratory Theater: Annie
Exploratory Theater: Cinderella
Exploratory Theater: Frozen & Friends
Exploratory Theater: Nemo & Friends
Exploratory Theater: Peter Pan
Exploratory Theater: Sleeping Beauty
Exploratory Theater: The Avengers

Guitar Camp
Movies by Kids: Claymation 
Movies by Kids: LEGO
Movies by Kids: Minecraft
Musical Theater: Jam
Musical Theater: Jam and Voice
Musical Theater: Afternoon Acting Workshop
Musical Theater: Afternoon Dance Workshop
Musical Theater: Afternoon Solo Voice
Musical Theater: Afternoon Voice Workshop

Pop Star Sing & Dance
Studio Arts (E-Form)
Theater Production: Cinderella
Theater Production: Grease
Theater Production: Into the Woods Jr.

American Girl
Chess Camp
Culinary Camp (E-Form)
Edutainment Arts: Beauty Spa
Edutainment Arts: Fort & Team Building
Edutainment Arts: FX Film with Green Screens
Edutainment Arts: Harry Potter
Edutainment Arts: Magic
Edutainment Arts: Star Wars
Edutainment Arts: Top Dessert Chef Cooking
Edutainment Arts: Top Junior Chef Cooking
Edutainment Arts: Wipe Out Game Show Training
Edutainment Arts: Zombie Survival

Leadership & Public Speaking
Summer Bridge Academy

High School Youth Action Team
Leadership & Debate
Leaders in Training
Studio Arts (E-Form)
Summer X-cursion (E-Form)

Summer Teen Camp at Heritage (E-Form)
Summer Teen Camp at University (E-Form)

Berlitz Intensive English
Destination Science: Amazing Superhero Science
Destination Science: Dino-Robot Creators & Raging Chemistry
Destination Science: Roaring Rockets & Astronaut Adventures
Destination Science: Rocking Gizmos & Rolling Gadgets

Eco-Explorers: Bommer Canyon (E-Form)

Engineering for Kids: Engineering of Cities
Engineering for Kids: Engineering of Food
Engineering for Kids: Engineering of Medieval Times
Engineering for Kids: Engineering of Pirates
Engineering for Kids: Engineering of Power & Energy
Engineering for Kids: Engineering of Travel
Mad Science: Chemistry Lab
Mad Science: Physics Lab
Mad Science: Robotics Lab
Mad Science: 
 Rocketry Lab
Play-Well Tek: Engineering FUNdamentals with LEGO
Play-Well Tek: Jedi Master Engineering with LEGO
Play-Well Tek: Mine, Craft, Build: Survival Games with LEGO
Play-Well Tek: 
Robotics with LEGO NXT 
Zoom Academy: English Writing
Zoom Academy: Video Game Design
Zoom Academy: Video Game Design Advanced
Zoom Academy: Web Design and Publishing
Zoom Academy: Young Math Olympiad
Zoom Academy: Zoom Robotics