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Follow Up
If you forget to call or email the manager after you apply for a job, the employer may think you are no longer interested in the position, or they may simply forget who you were. It’s UP TO YOU to reach out to the employer.

After applying (Phone):
"Hi Mr. Jones, this is Haley Smith, I recently submitted my application and resume for the cashier position… I would like to know when we can meet to discuss the details of this opportunity..."
After the interview (Phone):
"Hi Mrs. Martin, this is Robert Norris. I wanted to call and thank you for taking time to interview me last week for the sales position. I was wondering if you have made a decision."

Asking for the interview (Email):
Dear Mr. Smith, This is Andrea Chen, a senior at City High School. I am seeking an opportunity to meet with you regarding the available customer service position. My resume was submitted online, along with my application. I look forward to meeting you. I will call you tomorrow to follow up. 


Andrea Chen 

Follow Up Log:

Keeping track of the jobs you have applied for and the managers you have spoken to, is extremely beneficial. You can remind yourself the date you applied, who you submitted your application to and any another important information you learned during the application process. This will let the employer see how responsible you are and how serious you are about the position.

Feel free to use our Follow Up log, or create your own. You will be glad you did. Click to view and print the Follow Up Log.

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