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Call for Vendors, Exhibitors & Performers

Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Irvine Global Village Festival. Applications for 2018 are now closed.

Community Partners

This area is for nonpolitical, nonprofit or governmental organizations. The fee is $200 and an Irvine Business License* is required.

Note: Business for-profit: Learn more and apply through Become a Sponsor; Religious organizations, apply through World Religions.

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Demonstrations include culturally-focused interactive dance, martial arts, music and more with the goal to encouraging audience participation.

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Irvine Global Village Festival is always looking for new and culturally diverse music and dance groups to perform during the festival. 

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This area is for displays that reflect a specific cultural group. Sales, food or political messages are not allowed in this area.

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Kids Village

Irvine Global Village Festival proudly presents the Kids Village, where children can participate in culturally-focused interactive activities, crafts and games.

Note: Kids Village sponsors may include for-profit organizations and businesses, non-profit educational institutions or any other organizations whose primary mission is not related to children's activity. 

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Irvine Global Village Festival invites organizations and businesses selling merchandise that is cultural in nature. Space is limited to one (1) booth per vendor. Fee is $260 and an Irvine Business License* is required.

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Irvine Global Village Festival is proud to feature culturally diverse local restaurants. Restaurants are responsible for providing a sample-sized portion of culturally diverse food items. Restaurants must be able to supply a minimum of 1,500 6-ounce sample servings to be priced between $2 and $5. The City will provide the plates, bowls and cups for the samples. The booth fee is $315; an Irvine Business License* and current Health Department certificate are required. 

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World Religions

Irvine Global Village Festival invites established religious organizations with an Irvine resident base, to share history and traditions to promote cultural education and foster public awareness.

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*If you currently do not have an Irvine Business license, a one-time event license may be purchased through this application process for $10.