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Temporary or Long Term Utility Outages / Shortages

Temporary or long-term utility outages or shortages can cause massive disruptions in the operations of essential services. Many critical facilities have emergency standby power supplies; however, they are designed for short-term events and are subject to failure as well.

The electrical power grid can fail due to storm damage, sabotage, or system overloading. After severe weather, restoration efforts cannot start until roads are cleared and service personnel report to work. Electrical power outages pose a particular hazard to individuals with special home health needs and vulnerable populations, particularly under extreme weather conditions.

  • Have emergency kits in your home and vehicles.  For more information on preparing for power outages, please contact The American Red Cross.
  • Cold weather: Have an emergency heating supply. Use proper ventilation for fuel powered heaters and use proper fire hazard precautions.
  • Hot weather: During extreme heat, avoid strenuous work, stay in the shade, and drink plenty of water.