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We Love Our Own Animal Care Center!


Did you know:

  • The Irvine Animal Care Center has more than 400 volunteers, by far the largest number in Orange County. Through their caring, they help with exercising, feeding and nurturing all that they touch. We are proud of our volunteers.
  • On a recent day, 198 animals were being cared for – 52 dogs, 85 cats, 20 rabbits and 16 "other animals" at the center.
  • Another 25 animals were being fostered at private homes because they were so fragile and young or medically recovering.
  • Our "other animals" can mean turtles, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs and reptiles.
  • While the Center receives animals that are healthy and nurtured, often those that come in are abandoned, neglected, abused and ill.
  • The Center's staff and volunteers are charged with caring for animals in all kinds of conditions, and offering them the love they need to be adopted to a forever family.
  • The Center also has a sanctuary for barnyard and farm animals that will live out their years here, in a loving environment. These include a pig and two goats.
  • The Irvine Animal Care Center's renowned Third Chance program transfers animals from overcrowded Southern California shelters where they may have limited chances of survival to our Center.
  • Are you a senior, age 62 or older? Through our Seniors Helping Seniors program, you may be eligible to adopt a senior animal for free.
  • Visit our 3.73-acre center, one of the nation's most progressive and innovative municipal animal shelters that strengthens the human-animal bond and improves the lives of adoptable animals.
  • While the Center has to euthanize a small percentage of its animals, there is no time limit placed upon an adoptable, healthy animal. No animal is euthanized for time or space.
For more information, go to: irvineshelter.org