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Forms Directory
Welcome to the City of Irvine's Forms website.

The City Clerk's Office of Records and Information is responsible for managing all City forms.  The latest forms are available on this site in several formats and may be printed, saved or submitted by email or online.

To utilize the forms, you must have one of the following applications: Adobe Reader (Windows), Adobe Reader (MAC), Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.  If you do not have these applications, you may download and install them by clicking on the icons below.

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For questions or additional information, contact 949-724-6281.

 To find a form, enter the form name or number and/or select a department.  To browse the Forms Directory, click on the 
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 Form Name or Number: Department:
53-432019 Holiday Faire Application
58-022020 Studio Arts Festival Application
42-74Abandoned Shopping Carts FAQs Apartment Managers 
42-73Abandoned Shopping Carts FAQs Residents/Customers 
42-76Abandoned Shopping Carts FAQs Shopping Cart Owners 
58-26Accommodation/Inclusion Program Information - Disability Services 
42-48Acoustical Report Information Sheet 
41-60Address Application 
43-39Administrative Relief Information Sheet 
52-62Adult Gym League Roster - Basketball 
52-60Adult Softball League Roster 
57-39Adult Volunteer Application - Animal Care Center 
25-05Affidavit Of Intent To Duplicate Building Plans 
57-58After-Hours Animal Release Form 
43-61Agricultural Sales Permit Information Sheet 
22-14Alarm Permit Application 
58-46Allocation Application and Agreement 
57-20Animal Euthanasia Release From Liability 
57-02Animal Release Form 
85-22Animal Services Business Permit 
57-61Annual Sponsorship Application 
66-102Anti-Entrapment Handout 
10-17Application for Appointive Position 
50-15Application for Appointive Position - IRDAB 
10-18Application for Appointment to Irvine City Council
61-04Application for City Engineer Variance Consideration 
50-20Application for Member-At-Large Position - Senior Citizens Council 
65-62Application for Special Inspector 
55-30Application for TRIPS Nutrition Transportation Services 
41-92Application for Unreasonable Hardship Exception to Disabled Access Requirements 
08-08Application for Use of City Logo or Ancillary Logos 
76-72Application for Visa Clearance Letter and Local Summary Criminal History Letter 
81-84Application Procedure to Operate a Cannabis Testing Laboratory in Irvine 
65-85Application to Consider 
52-57Aquatics Birthday Party Request Form 
52-82Aquatics Camp Rules & Behavior Policy 
52-54Aquatics Classroom Request Form 
52-49Aquatics Facility Application & Agreement 
52-56Aquatics Pool Use Request 
ATC-20ATC20 Rapid Evaluation Safety Assessment Form
50-01Athletic Field Application & Agreement 
55-23Attendant or Guest Agreement for TRIPS Transportation Services 
66-90Automated Inspection System Guide 
64-10Bicycle Locker User Agreement 
40-67Block Party Permit 
50-105Bounce House Vendor Permit 
66-58Building Data Sheet 
65-59Building Permit Application 
41-26BBuilding Valuation Data (2019) 
41-26BBuilding Valuation Data (2020) 
22-05Business License Application
28-01Business License Change Form 
79-16California Bicycle License Application 
81-87Cannabis Testing Laboratory Employee/Owner Background Application 
81-85Cannabis Testing Laboratory Permit Application 
81-88Cannabis Testing Laboratory Permit Application - FAQ 
57-14Cat Owner Surrender Questionnaire/Medical History Consent Form 
74-18CERT Information Release 
74-01CERT Volunteer Application 
55-09CHAMPIONS Volunteer Request 
55-28CHAMPIONS Volunteers Disclaimer, Waiver & Indemnification (Participating Seniors) 
55-29CHAMPIONS Volunteers Disclaimer, Waiver & Indemnification (Volunteers) 
52-88Child Services Disciplinary Policy 
08-09WCitizen Photographer Form
06-08WCity Council Invitation
10-04Claim for Damages 
22-70Claim for Unclaimed Funds 
66-103BCommercial Overtime Inspection Request 
66-61Commercial Take-Off Sheet 
66-149Commercial/Multifamily Battery Storage System
51-94ACommunity Outreach Team Explanation of Services 
65-61Completion of Inspection and Acceptance
42-35Concept Plan Information Sheet 
50-52Concession Stand Request Form 
42-02Conditional Use Permit Information Sheet 
40-18Conditional Use Permit Packet 
55-21Consent Form for Minor to Use TRIPS Transportation Service 
42-89Construction Site Inspection
66-129Construction Site Security Requirements Security Plan 
66-107Construction Waste Reduction Compliance Report 
40-77Customer Service Evaluation - Community Development 
57-17Customer Service Survey - Animal Care Center 
55-44Customer Service Survey - Senior Services 
57-01Designer Tag Order Form 
40-13Developer Deposit Case Set-Up 
42-14Development Case Application 
40-87Digital Data Sharing Agreement 
43-42Discretionary Case Processing Information Sheet 
57-18Dog Owner Surrender Questionnaire/Medical History Consent Form 
66-114Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) Permit Worksheet 
66-143Electrical Plan Requirements For EV Charging Stations 
22-82Electronic Funds Transfer 
22-25Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization 
66-01Electronic/Digital Signature Disclosure
42-99Eligible Facilities Permit (EFP) Checklist 
42-98Eligible Facility Permit (EFP) Questionnaire Substantial Change Criteria 
55-20Emergency Form - Senior Services 
41-14DEngineering Cost Estimate
61-01Engineering Permit Application 
40-11E-Plan Submittal Requirements (Entitlement Projects) 
66-121E-Plan Submittal Requirements (Grading Projects) 
66-120E-Plan Submittal Requirements (New Commercial/Residential Buildings, Tenant Improvement, Residential Remodel/Addition Projects) 
61-06E-Plan Submittal Requirements (Public Works Improvement Plans) 
55-55Equipment Rental Form 
22-72Escrow Agreement for Security Deposits In Lieu of Contract Retention 
66-02E-Submittal Checklist and Questionnaire 
43-24BExtra-Legal Size Special Conditions 
43-24Extra-Legal Size Transportation Permit 
50-56Fall Sports Secondary Users Post Season & Tryout Form 
80-11Film Permit Application 
65-88Final Grade (Precise) Civil 
65-89Final Grade Soils 
40-57Final Landscape 
58-34Fine Arts - Exhibition Proposal Requirements 
58-22Fine Arts - Youth Program Rules & Behavior Policy 
50-73Food Vendor Permit 
57-22Foster Care Application 
42-22General Plan Amendment Information Sheet 
66-105Grading Manual 
66-57Grading Permit Application 
41-14Grading Plan Processing Information Packet 
65-10Grading Release Certificate
66-140Great Park Checklist to Determine Applicability of CFD Funding 
57-83Home for the Holidays Non-Profit Reservation 
57-81Home for the Holidays Rescue Reservation 
57-82Home for the Holidays Shelter Reservation 
57-80AHome for the Holidays Silent Auction Donation 
57-80BHome for the Holidays Silent Auction Donation - ICAF 
57-85Home for the Holidays Sponsor Reservation 
57-84Home for the Holidays Vendor Reservation 
40-27Home Occupation Application 
40-07Homeowner Instructions to Schedule an Inspection Appointment 
22-36Hotel Extended Stay Contract Transmittal Form 
08-04ICTV Community Bulletin Board Request
50-99Inside Irvine Advertising Insertion Order 
66-142Inspection Guide for Electronic Submittal of PV Systems for Single Family Dwellings 
41-10Inspection Request 
65-03Inspection Request 
55-33Interested Service Provider Listing Disclaimer, Waiver & Indemnification 
05-16WInternational Visitors/Delegations Request Form
43-64Irvine Business Complex Information Sheet 
43-65Irvine Business Complex Transportation Mitigation Fees Information Sheet 
81-86Irvine Limitations on City's Liability and Certifications, Assurances and Warranties 
55-14Irvine Meals On Wheels Participant Agreement 
64-07Irvine Traffic Analysis Model (ITAM) User Agreement
58-48Jazzercise Membership Pass 
55-12Keen Center - Medical Equipment Checkout 
55-10Keen Center - Participant Contact Form 
57-86Kennel and Animal Support 
50-70Landowner Authorization to Conduct Research/Project Special Access Permit 
10-05Lobbyist Initial/Annual Registration Report 
10-01Lobbyist Quarterly Report of Activity 
23-26Local Vendor Preference Affidavit of Eligibility 
57-26Lost Animal Report 
66-28ALow Rise Residential Re-Roofing Permit Application Questionnaire 
65-07Mail-In Permit Application - Residential 
43-49Manufactured Structure Information Sheet 
43-77Massage Establishment Information Sheet 
28-23Massage Technician Registration Application 
42-36Master Plan Information Sheet 
42-81Mechanical Permit Fee Schedule 
43-67Minor Modification to an Approved Sign Program 
43-62Minor/Major Modification Information Sheet 
43-54Model Home Information Sheet 
40-81Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance 
66-14New Residential Dwelling Plan Submittal Requirements 
66-16New Residential Revision Supplemental Questionnaire 
50-57Notice of Intended Use 
64-11Notice of Termination Bicycle Locker User Agreement 
55-19CNutrition and Case Management Client Reassessment (C-2) 
55-19BNutrition and Case Management Client Registration (C-2) 
55-19ANutrition Client Registration (C-1) 
55-45Nutrition Risk Assessment 
43-66Occupancy Disclosure 
81-71Officer Request
66-145On-Call Activity Report
41-66Open Lattice Patio For Single Family Dwelling 
52-91Orange County Great Park Athletic Court Application & Agreement 
52-89Orange County Great Park Athletic Field Application & Agreement 
09-07WOrange County Great Park Site Rental Application
66-103AOvertime Grading and Offsite Inspection Request 
25-03Owner Authorization to Duplicate Building Plans 
43-74Park Design Information Sheet 
65-52Park Permit Application 
43-75Park Plan Information Sheet 
43-50Parking Lot Modification Information Sheet 
53-09Participant Permission/Emergency Form (High School YAT) 
58-36Participant Permission/Emergency Form (Middle School YAT) 
55-32Participant's Form Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Disclaimer, Waiver & Indemnification 
66-139Permit Declaration
65-33BPermit Revision/Deferred Submittal Application (Community Development) 
61-08Permit Revision/Deferred Submittal Application (Public Works) 
05-19Photograph/Video Release 
55-58Physicians Certificate of Need 
66-12Piling/Foundation Plan 
65-33Plan Check Re-Submittal (Community Development) 
61-07Plan Check Re-Submittal (Public Works) 
66-10Plan Check Submittal Requirements: Commercial/Industrial Tenant Improvements or Alterations 
43-73Planning and Development Services Fees 
52-69Player ID Card Registration 
66-104Playground Plan Information Sheet 
41-17APool and Spa Plan Submittal Requirements 
66-124Post Construction Structural Standard Notes 
43-41Pre-Application Information Sheet 
45-38Prioritization for New Development and Significant Redevelopment Projects 
53-19Program Registration Application 
58-29Program Registration Application - Disability Services 
65-24Project Contact Information 
66-137Project Owners Certification 
65-25Project Planning Clearance Referral 
65-56Property Owner's Package 
50-84Public Benefit Program Application 
51-01Public Facility Application and Agreement 
50-19Public Facility Application and Agreement - Heritage Park Band Room 
43-04Public Facility Review Information Sheet 
57-89Puppy Wellness Program 
43-51Pushcart Permit Information Sheet and Application 
57-32Rabbit Owner Relinquishment Questionnaire 
66-122Recycling and Diversion of Construction and Demolition Waste Assessment 
66-122ARecycling and Diversion of Construction and Demolition Waste Assessment 2.0 
28-03Reduced Business License Tax Application 
72-43ARequest for a Parking Citation Review 
10-42Request for Appeal 
50-92Request for Participation in Community Event
76-02Request for Police Report 
10-46Request For Presentation 
10-07Request for Proclamation/Commendation 
10-06Request for Public Records 
76-71Request for Public Records (Public Safety)
65-53Request for Special Services 
66-27Re-Roof Questionnaire 
57-87Rescue Adoption Partner Application 
43-68Research Letter Information Sheet 
50-82Resident Appreciation Program Information And Application 
63-07WResident Report Form
66-15Residential Additions/Remodels Plan Submittal Requirements 
66-148Residential Battery Storage System
66-126Residential Photovoltaic General Notes 
42-51Residential Take-Off Sheet 
43-52Reverse Vending Machine Information Sheet and Application 
71-64Ride-Along Waiver for Personal Injury 
65-28ARight of Way and Encroachment Permit Application 
65-90Rough Grade Civil 
65-91Rough Grade Soils 
50-30Scholarship Application Procedure 
42-97School Facilities Fee Determination 
43-01School Facilities Fees Information Sheet 
57-33Service Dog Application 
43-63Sexually Oriented Business Information Sheet 
55-17Shared Housing Disclaimer, Waiver and Indemnification 
55-48Shared Housing Information 
43-79Sidewalk Vending Permit Application 
43-80Sidewalk Vending Permit FAQs 
43-57Sign Permit Information Sheet 
42-01Sign Program Information Sheet 
66-108Single Family Electrical Calculation Sheet 
66-144Site Plan Requirements For Accessible EV Charging Stations 
42-15Site Plan Summary Information Sheet 
43-03Slurry Seal Fee Information Sheet 
43-78Small Utility Facility Permit Checklist 
65-43Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Retrofit/Verification Requirements 
52-76Soccer League Roster 
52-75Soccer Questionnaire 
52-59Softball League Questionnaire 
66-135Solar Photo-Voltaic Standard Plan Central Inverter Systems for Single Family Dwellings 
66-136Solar Photo-Voltaic Standard Plan Microinverter Systems for Single Family Dwellings 
41-04Solar Photo-Voltaic System for Single Family Dwellings Submittal Requirements 
41-16Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Commercial and Multi-Family Buildings 
80-10Special Event Permit Application 
65-34Special Inspection Manual 
65-09Special Inspection Program Summary 
40-03Special Inspection Report File 
65-77Special Inspector Daily Performance Report 
40-04Special Inspector Non-Compliance Report 
40-05Special Inspector Record of Correction Report 
55-47Special Needs Program Request for Services 
55-35Special Needs Scholarship Program 
50-66Spring Sports - All Star Allocation Request 
66-109Standard Cart Retrieval Plan 
41-57Standard Conditions and Regulations for Encroachment/Miscellaneous Construction Permits 
61-03Standard Conditions and Regulations for Traffic Signal Permits 
41-31BStandard Non-Residential Security Code Provisions [Version 5.0] 
66-113 (2016)Standard Notes Non-Residential Construction - 2016 California Green Building Standards (2.1) 
66-113 (2019)Standard Notes Non-Residential Construction - 2019 California Green Building Standards (3.0) 
66-112 (2016)Standard Notes Residential Construction - 2016 California Green Building Standards (2.1) 
66-112 (2019)Standard Notes Residential Construction - 2019 California Green Building Standards (3.0) 
41-33BStandard Parking Facility Security Code Provisions [Version 5.0] 
41-30BStandard Recreational Spaces Security Code Provisions [Version 5.0] 
41-29BStandard Residential Security Code Provisions [Version 5.0] 
41-27Standard Security Code Plan Requirements and Definitions 
65-23Standard Stormwater Pollution Prevention Notes for Construction Projects 
66-110Statement of Special Inspection 
81-70Station Tour Request
22-21Stop Payment Request 
66-141Structural and Access Pathways Criteria for Electronic Submittal of Residential Rooftop Solar Energy Installations 
40-83Structural Observation Program 
40-82Structural Observation Report 
43-19Subcontractors List 
42-03Subdivisions: Tentative Tract/Tentative Parcel Maps 
41-40ASubmittal Requirements Lattice or Solid Roof Patio Cover/Gazebo/2nd Story Deck 
57-71Super Pet Adoption Non-Profit Reservation 
57-73Super Pet Adoption Rescue Reservation 
57-72Super Pet Adoption Shelter Reservation 
57-75ASuper Pet Adoption Silent Auction Donation 
57-75BSuper Pet Adoption Silent Auction Donation - ICAF 
57-74Super Pet Adoption Sponsor Reservation 
57-70Super Pet Adoption Vendor Reservation 
52-92Supplemental Tennis Registration 
40-56Swimming Pools and Spas General Notes 
66-117Tamper-Resistant Refrigerant Service Port Requirements 
42-18Temporary Banner Permit Information Sheet and Application 
65-29Temporary Generator Permit Information Sheet 
55-25ATemporary Service Application Medical Verification for TRIPS Transportation Services 
41-23Temporary Utility Services Application 
57-88Third Chance Application 
57-69Tour Request - Animal Care Center 
65-26Traffic Control Facility Damage Report 
61-09Traffic Control Guidelines 
22-40Transient Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate 
22-83Transient Occupancy Tax Questionnaire 
22-65Transient Occupancy Tax Registration Certificate 
66-91Transportation Corridor Agencies Non-Residential Fee Determination 
66-92Transportation Corridor Agencies Residential Fee Determination 
41-34Transportation Corridor Major Thoroughfare and Bridge Fee Program 
55-37Transportation Request 
40-66ATree Removal Permit Application 
40-66Tree Removal Permit Information Sheet 
55-25TRIPS Transportation Services Medical Verification 
55-22TRIPS Transportation Services Participant Agreement 
55-24TRIPS Transportation Services Procedure and Application 
22-64Uniform Transient Occupancy Tax/Hotel Improvement District Refund Claim 
22-41Uniform Transient Occupancy Tax/Hotel Improvement District Return 
40-86Unique Residential Development Conditions 
40-10University Research Park Circulation Impact Fee Information Sheet 
43-44BUse Determination Information Sheet 
43-44CUse Determination Letter Class & Instructor Template 
22-80Utility Information 
22-86Utility Users Registration 
22-81Utility Users Tax Annual Payment Agreement 
22-85Utility Users Tax Refund Claim 
22-84Utility Users Tax Return 
22-67Utility Users Tax Single Payment Option 
41-98Variance Information Sheet 
23-20WVendor Registration
74-01Volunteer Application - Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) 
55-31Volunteer Driver Disclaimer, Waiver, and Indemnification 
50-10Volunteer Registration 
58-37Wall of Recognition Nomination 
50-86Waste Management Plan
66-138Water Conserving Plumbing Fixture Certification 
71-55What About My Complaint? 
43-02Wireless Communications Facility Permit Information Sheet 
66-101WQMP Notice of Transfer of Responsibility 
65-30WQMP Operations and Maintenance Plan 
53-09Youth Action Team Participant Permission/Emergency Form 
41-97Zone Change Information Sheet 
43-48Zoning Confirmation Letter Information Sheet