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Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement staff responds to complaints of violations of the City of Irvine Municipal Code which includes building, zoning, sign, grading, noise and encroachment regulations. When a violation is identified, the responsible parties are contacted and requested to abate the violation. If the violator fails to comply with City codes, the City Attorney prosecutes the case. Citations are utilized for minor infractions, while a criminal complaint process is used for significant violations.

We respond to fire/life safety complaints within two working days, and non-fire/life safety complaints within eight working days.

For more information on the process, or to register a complaint, please telephone the City of Irvine Code Enforcement Section or click here to send an email.


Mike Lee (949) 724-6428
Susan Craft (949) 724-6427
Ron Johnson (949) 724-6400
Thea Errickson (949) 724-6482
Denise Bonanni (949) 724-6323
Jan Helf (949) 724-6326

When emailing a complaint, please be sure to include a brief description of the potential code violation and the location. A daytime phone number is helpful should additional information be required.

City of Irvine Municipal Code

Zoning Ordinance


In recent years, abandoned shopping carts along City streets have become a noticeable and growing issue affecting the quality and aesthetic appeal of the City’s streetscapes.  In order to preserve the well-landscaped and uncluttered streetscapes that are part of the value and quality of life that Irvine residents enjoy, the City has adopted an ordinance establishing rules to better control shopping carts. 

These new rules are similar to those adopted by many other communities in Southern California and require existing stores with eleven or more shopping carts to develop either a Shopping Cart Retrieval Plan or Containment Plan to be submitted to the City for approval on or before September 13, 2010.   Once a plan is approved by the City, stores will have until March 18, 2011 to implement their plans. For any new store with eleven or more shopping carts a plan is required to be approved before opening for business and must begin implementation on the first day of business.

Below are links to the City Council ordinance which established the requirements, and a standard Shopping Cart Retrieval Plan which may be used to comply the plan submittal requirements.

Should you have any questions regarding shopping cart regulations, please contact Jan Helf by telephone or e-mail as indicated above.

City Council Ordinance

Standard Shopping Cart Retrieval Plan