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Electronic Submittal Process and Submittal Requirements for Residential PV Solar Systems

Instructions for filling out the Eligibility Checklist:

1.    Click on the Eligibility Checklist. Read the requirements and answer either Yes or No to each item. This will determine eligibility for expedited electronic permit submittal for solar photovoltaic permits for single-family dwellings only.

2.    If eligible, you will be taken to the single central inverter page to complete.

3.    At the bottom of the form, you will be required to attach the following :

a.    City of Irvine Building Permit Application

b.     Residential Take-Off Sheet

c.     Contractor’s license

d.    Workers Compensation Certificate

e.    City of Irvine Business License

f.     PV Project Documents (see box below for required submittal documents).

4.    When the items have been attached, click on the Send button. You will receive a delivery receipt email. Please do not respond to this message. You will receive a permit for this project, inspection card with instructions on how to request your final inspection.

5.    Present a hard copy of the inspection card, single line diagram and all PV documentation to your building inspector on the day of your scheduled inspection.

6.    Please be aware that by participating in the permitting process you agree to the following:

I acknowledge the above submitted information is true and correct. I understand that if drawings and paperwork vary from the acknowledged checklist, this project will not be reviewed over the counter and will be subject to the standard Building and & Safety review process.

Document Size, Order, and Format Submittal Requirements

Please make sure submitted documents and plans are legible in 8 ½” x 11” format and put in .pdf file type:

1.    Building Permit Application

2.    Residential Take-Off Sheet (put a ‘1’ in the ‘Quantity’ column for ‘E7R-Outlets/Switches’ and a ‘1’ in the ‘Quantity’ column for ‘E5.2R-Power apparatus 2-10 KVA/HP/KW’)

3.    Contractor’s license

4.    Workers Compensation Certificate

5.    City of Irvine Business License

6.    Site Plan with street address, property owner’s name and phone number and applicant’s contact info

7.    Roof Plan of Module Layout with dimensions showing distance from roof edge, hips and/or valleys and ridge per access pathways and Structural Criteria requirements

8.    Completed and signed Structural Criteria for roof mounted installations

9.    Roof mounting manufacturer’s product specification/Installation sheets

10.  PV system manufacturer’s specification sheets for listed solar modules; inverter; J-boxes; disconnects and any other system components making up the PV design. 

11.  Documentation from Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) for the fire classification of the PV module and rail assembly showing that together they create a Class A fire rating

12.  Residential Photovoltaic General Notes (includes signs and labeling sheets and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Notes)