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Emergency Preparedness for Pets

A Special Message from FEMA
To millions of Americans, pets are considered members of the family; however, unlike people, pets are sometimes completely dependent on their owners. During an emergency or disaster, frightened animals will either hide in their favorite hiding spot or run away. This leaves them to fend for themselves in the wake of an emergency or major disaster. The Irvine Police Emergency Management Bureau strongly encourages all pet owners to not forget to include their pets when making their emergency preparation plan. Make sure all members of the family are included in the planning and preparation for handling your pets during a disaster.

ANIMAL EMERGENCY SUPPLY KIT: Taking the time to include a pet emergency preparation plan and assemble an animal emergency supply kit will make the difference in the wake of a major disaster. Just like the rest of the members of your family, you should assemble your animal emergency supply kit with items to care for your pet for at least five (5) days. Keep the items in your kit fresh by routinely recycling its contents on a monthly basis. The kit should be kept in close proximity to your family emergency supply kit and should contain the following items:

  • FOOD: Keep at least five (5) days of dry food in an airtight waterproof container
  • WATER: Store at least five (5) days of water specifically for your pets in addition to the water you will need for yourself and your family.
  • MEDICINES AND MEDICAL RECORDS: Keep an extra supply of medicine for your pet in a waterproof container
  • COLLAR WITH ID TAG AND LEASH:  Your pet should wear a collar with its rabies tag and identification.
  • CRATE OR PET CARRIER: For their own protection, pets should be transported in a crate or pet carrier. This will reduce the likelihood of them to wander or run away if panicked.
  • PHOTOGRAPH: Keep with your pet, preferably on the carrier or crate, a photograph of yourself with your pet. Write on the back of the photograph the date it was taken, and detailed information about the species, breed, sex, color, and other distinguishing features
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