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What is iWILD?

iWILD is an innovative program developed by the Irvine Police Department to increase community knowledge of our city’s diverse wildlife. The program relies on neighborhood groups, coached by Irvine Police Department Animal Services Officers, to monitor and report animal activity in their neighborhood.

Why iWILD?

  • Calls about wildlife activity are common in the city.
  • There is some misconception about wildlife activity that can be dispelled through education.
  • No one knows your neighborhood, and what goes on there, better than you do.
  • Wildlife conflicts can be traumatic and emotional for those who have lost pets.
  • Working cooperatively, neighborhoods and Animal Services can reduce wildlife conflicts in our communities.
  • Equipped with the right information and tools, we can prevent and resolve most wildlife conflicts.

How do I get Started?

Contact Animal Services Supervisor Kimberly Cherney at: