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The following items are required for submittal:

1.     Plan check fees must be paid in full upon submittal.

Save time at the counter by asking for your plan check fees to be calculated in advance. Simply fax the filled-out Application, Quantity Take-Off, and OCFA Screening form to 949.724.6420. Please allow at least 24 hours for a response.

2.     One each of the following:  (Use blue or black ink only)

3.     Four (4) sets of plans, or Five (5) sets if OCFA review is required, including all architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical work to be reviewed. Plans should be signed by whomever prepared them: Licensed architect or structural engineer (structural projects), or licensed contractor or licensed interior designer (non-structural projects.) Plumbing, electrical and mechanical sheets should be signed by the licensed Engineer or licensed contractor if the contractor is doing the work. Plan sets should include a site plan showing building footprints, a data summary showing the total number of gross square feet within each building, broken down by land use, and a parking summary identifying the parking spaces required by code and those spaces provided on-site.

4.     In addition to the above, plan format and content requirements are as follows:

5.     One set of Title 24 Energy Calculations. Plans shall include:

 6.     Two (2) sets of structural calculations, if applicable.

7.     Prior to permits plans must be approved and bear the stamp of Environmental Health of the County of Orange Health Care Agency for:

  • Any new public pool or modifications thereof,
  • Any new food establishment or modification thereof,
  • Any new establishment or modification thereof, at which body art is offered. Body art is defined as body piercing (not including ear piercing except for the tragus), tattooing, branding, or application of permanent cosmetics 

For submittal requirements contact Environmental Health of the County of Orange Health Care Agency at (714) 433-6000.