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(Single Family, Multi-Family, Apartment or Hotel) 

The following items are required to be completed prior to project acceptance for processing:

1. Plan check fees and deposits are required to be paid in full upon submittal (see Fee Schedule). Save time at the counter by asking for your plan check fees to be calculated in advance. Simply fax the filled-out Application, Data Sheet, and OCFA Screening Form to (949) 724-6420. Please allow at least 24 hours for a response.

2. One each of the following: (Use blue or black ink only)

3. In addition to the above, plan format and content requirements are as follows:

 4. Copies of all resolutions and approval letters related to this project are required to be included.

5. Five (5) blueline prints including all architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical plans.

6. One set of the Energy Conservation Standards, including both the Title 24 Calculations and Compliance forms. Compliance forms shall be made part of the plans.

7. One copy of the Soil’s Report and one (1) copy of the Soil’s Summary form.

8. Two copies of the Engineer’s Structural Calculations.

9. Site plan with dimensions and statistical inventory to be included with each set of bluelines.

10. Details of fencing construction and materials, if applicable.

11. Landscape and Irrigation Plan: This plan is optional at the time of the building plan submittal, but is required to be submitted prior to issuance of any building permits. Landscape and Irrigation plans must be submitted as an individual package and not attached to either building or grading plans.

12. Precise Grading Plan: This plan must be submitted either prior to or at the time of the building plan submittal. If grading plans were submitted prior to the building permit application, the applicant shall supply the grading plan check number as part of the building submittal. Precise grading plans must be submitted as an individual package and not attached to either building or landscape plans.