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Grading Permit

There are two types of grading permits: preliminary and precise. The permit application and supplementary information for the preliminary and precise grading are submitted to the City of Irvine, Permit Counter, within Community Development. Zoning conformance approval must precede grading permit submittal. Once the tentative map for a parcel or tract is approved and zoning cleared, a grading plan can be submitted. However, tentative map approval is not required prior to the issuance of certain preliminary grading permits. The first plan check requires 15 working days, and 10 working days for any subsequent check of preliminary and precise grading plans. Inspection fees and a bond are required prior to issuance of the grading permit.

Revisions to Plans
After a permit is issued, an applicant may request a revision to the approved plans provided the revision will not increase the floor area, and the work has not been completed or finalized by the City inspector. Turnaround time for reviewing the revision varies depending on the nature and extent of the revision. Minor revisions may be reviewed over the counter. If the revisions involve an increase in floor area, a new permit application will be required.

For more information on building and grading permit submittal requirements, or on specific project revisions, please call  (949) 724-6313. 

Submittal Requirements
Grading plans are required to be drawn on 30" x 42" sheets. The required Grading Title Sheet including the latest grading notes, is available for download. The file is a self-extracting ZIP file that includes the Title Sheet, a blank sheet and one font.

 Blank Sheet
 Blank Sheet
 Construction Traffic Prohibited Placard.pdf
 Construction Working Hours.
 Erosion Control pdf
 Erosion Control Sheet
 Federal Holidays
 Form No 65 30 WQMP Operations and Maintenance plan form 051413
 Grading Code
 Grading Manual
 Grading Permit Application
 overtime fax form grading
 Prohibited Signs and Banners.
 Title Sheet
 Title Sheet pdf