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About the Irvine Transportation Network

What Is the Irvine Transportation Network?

The Irvine Transportation Network is a partnership between the City of Irvine and the employers, commercial and residential property owners/managers and homeowner/renter associations located in the Irvine Business Complex (IBC) (see map below).

Who does the Irvine Transportation Network serve?

Our primary mission is to assist those who live, work or do business in the IBC. 

What does the Irvine Transportation Network do?

  • Provide information about transportation options in the IBC.
  • Work with the public and private sectors to identify potential travel improvements.
  • Facilitate transportation communications among IBC stakeholders.
  • Represent transportation interests of residents, employers and other organizations within the IBC to public agencies, especially transportation service providers such as the City of Irvine, Metrolink and OCTA.

*The Irvine Transportation Network does not represent the Irvine Spectrum area.  Transportation information about the Irvine Spectrum area is available through Spectrumotion at spectrumotion.com.