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OCTA Services

In addition to the services provided by the Irvine Transportation Network, commuters and employers in the Irvine Business Complex (IBC) have access to OCTA's Commuter Solutions program. The program promotes alternative commute options in an effort to decrease traffic congestion and improve air quality in Orange County.

Commuter Solutions offers a range of services free of charge to employers and commuters in Orange County. These include identification of carpool and/or vanpool partners, trip planning, public transportation information, corporate transit pass programs, vanpool subsidies, the Guaranteed Ride Home program and assistance with South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) compliance.

For commuters:

  • Rideshare assistance. OCTA is part of Southern California's largest commuter database. When you register, you'll be matched with potential carpool or vanpool partners. Call 714-636-RIDE (7433) or visit CommuteSmart.info to get started.
  • Trip planning assistance. When you register with OCTA, you'll receive a personalized RideGuide Commute Planner to help you identify travel alternatives that fit your commute.
  • Transportation guides. OCTA provides public transit maps and schedules, bike maps and other commute information for Orange County on their website at www.octa.net/str2011.aspx.

For employers:

  • The Employer Bus Pass (E-Pass). Employers with more than 25 regular bus riders can promote commuting by bus with the E-Pass. Employees swipe the card every time they board the bus. Each month OCTA bills the employer for the total rides actually taken. The total cost is never more than the cost of a monthly pass, no matter how many rides are taken. The cost can be paid with pre-tax earnings for great savings.
  • Metrolink Corporate Pass. Subsidize your employees' Metrolink commute with the Metrolink Corporate Pass. It promotes alternative commuting while helping employers comply with AQMD requirements.
  • 91 Express Lanes (FasTrak™) Corporate Program. If five or more of your employees use FasTrak, you may be interested in the 91 Express Lanes Corporate Program. All FasTrak costs are billed to one account, allowing the employer to subsidize all or part of employees' costs, if desired. Employers can also receive incentives, such as the first week free.
  • Vanpool Subsidy Program. OCTA promotes vanpooling by providing a $400 monthly subsidy for qualifying vanpools.
  • Commuter AVR Survey Processing. OCTA will assist employers with 250 or more employees in conducting the Average Vehicle Ridership (AVR) Surveys required by AQMD's Rule 2202. OCTA will process the data and produce reports you'll need to submit to AQMD.
  • Marketing Certification Class. Employers with 250 employees or more must have a certified Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) in order to remain compliant with AQMD's Rule 2202. OCTA offers a free AQMD Marketing Certification Class twice a year, as well as ETC training and events throughout the year.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home. Employers that actively participate in the Vanpool, E-Pass, AVR Processing, and Metrolink Corporate programs are eligible to take part in OCTA's Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program. GRH provides a free ride home for ridesharing employees with a qualifying emergency such as illness, a home emergency or unplanned overtime.

You don't have to be a large company to participate – there are many ways small businesses can promote alternative commuting as well! More information regarding OCTA's Employer Programs can be found online here or by calling 714-560-OCTA (6282).