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The History of the Irvine Police Department (Page 4)

In 1984, the Olympic Games came to Irvine, as the swimming portion of the pentathlon was held at the Heritage Park Aquatics Center. Hosting the Olympics necessitated the addition of a new Emergency Response Vehicle to the Police Department fleet.

The vehicle was designed  to allow for mobile communications, command staff conference area, and field Emergency Operations Center at major law enforcement scenes. The first Emergency Response Vehicle featured the latest in technology and served the Department before it was replaced by the Mobile Command Center Vehicle in 1995.


The eighties were a period of rapid growth for the City and the Irvine Police Department. In 1989, the Irvine Police Department moved into a new and permanent facility at the new City Hall Civic Center located at the corner of Alton Parkway and Harvard Avenue.

This facility brought badly needed space to the Department, including a new state-of-the-art dispatch center, a custody holding facility, offices for the individual Divisions and Bureaus of the Department, a briefing room, employee locker rooms, and an Emergency Operations Center.


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