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Response to Traffic Safety & Emergency Management (1981-1982)

The City of Irvine continued to increase both in resident population and in the number of businesses in its industrial and commercial areas. Irvine's roadways - in order to to accomodate the increase in traffic moving about the City - began expanding from the one time two way undivided roadways to two to three lane thoroughfares. 

The Irvine Police Department developed a Motorcycle Enforcement Unit within the Traffic Bureau. These Officers were responsible for enforcing all traffic laws, ensuring traffic safety, and investigating traffic collisions within the City.


In 1982, the Irvine Police Department organized the Irvine Disaster Emergency Communications commonly referred to as IDEC. Today, IDEC is an organized team of over 50 experienced, trained and dedicated amateur radio operators(Hams). Members routinely volunteer their time and extensive radio communication skills and talents to perfect an auxiliary radio communications network designed to augment (or replace) normal methods of communications used by the citizens of the City of Irvine in times of emergencies or major disasters. As a subset of the Irvine Police Department, IDEC is a valuable component of the City’s Emergency Preparedness Plan. IDEC is able to immediately establish a lifeline communications network between the Irvine Police Department, city wide evacuation centers, school sites, public buildings, medical facilities, local parks, and any other location where normal means of communication has failed.


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