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Expanding our Policing Capabilities (1976-1981)

In December of 1976 the growing Irvine Police Department moved into a larger facility at the corner of Jamboree Road and McGaw Avenue in the Irvine Business Complex (IBC). The Department also began to civilianize many of its functions by replacing police officers with non-sworn personnel.

The 57 sworn members of the Irvine Police Department were now complemented by 21 non-sworn employees, including civilian Public Safety Assistants who assisted with report writing, Public Safety Dispatcher, Animal Services Officers, Civilian Traffic Accident Investigators, and other administrative personnel. Calls for service in 1977 jumped to 93,848.


(Public Safety Assistants at the Business Desk)

(Police Officer Dave Husted with K-9 "Bart")

In 1981, the Irvine Police Department began to expand its policing capabilities. A "K-9" Unit was developed to assist the Patrol Division with their mission. Police Officers assigned to this unit - known as "K-9 Handlers" - and their dogs were specially trained in search and rescue techniques, detection and identification of drugs and other substances,

Historically, canine breeds that served in the Irvine Police K-9 unit included Bouvier des Ardenns, Bloodhounds, German Shepards, and Belgian Malinois.


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