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Mission, Vision, Values

Working in partnership with the community, we will preserve the peace, uphold the law with fairness and provide quality service.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be a world-class leader in policing, a model for character, innovation, and service.We strive to protect our diverse and dynamic community with fairness, integrity, and respect for the rights of the individual.We resolve to develop a creative, forward-thinking workforce, dedicated to raising our level of excellence to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Integrity – Recognizing right from wrong and the willingness to do what is right, no matter the consequences.Set the example.

Quality Service - Providing the highest level of service to our community.Set the example.

Accountability - Accepting responsibility for our decisions and actions.

Respect - Valuing human life, having considerate and courteous regard for all persons. We follow, honor and defend the constitution of this country.

In January 2000, the employees of the Irvine Police Department, both sworn and civilian, met to update the Mission, Vision and Values Statements of the department.At that time a draft was formulated and presented to members of the department for input.An operational committee was selected to complete this undertaking in a manner that would clearly state our mission to all department personnel and the community.

The City of Irvine is fortunate to have an outstanding working relationship with the community and values its opinion.For that reason, representatives of the operational committee went into the community to solicit input from a wide variety of civic groups.When reviewing the Input from these groups several issues were found to be consistent, most specifically the need to put “partnership” back into the mission statement.As a result, the final mission statement has been changed to reflect the needs of both the department and the community.

The members of the Irvine Police Department truly thank our partners in the community for their thoughtful input.Their contribution was greatly appreciated and had a direct impact on the final mission statement for the Irvine Police Department.Working together we have made this mission statement a joint expression of the goals of this department and the community as we work with each other on a daily basis.